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The obvious question is “why is it impotent to have a fast loading, responsive website?” This is a fair question. First of all, we need to understand what the main aim of a website is. At noosa web design by Noosa Web & Graphic, we define the purpose of a website as:

To provide site visitors with all the information they are looking for about your products or services. From there, the aim is to convert those visitors in to customers.

noosa web design Common Obstacles

What turns off site visitors depends on what those visitors are looking for. Each visitor will be looking for a different experience. That said, there are 3 certain assumptions that can be made.

  • The website loads in an acceptable time frame – 3 seconds or less.
  • The website looks great on all devices – from the smallest to the largest screens.
  • Relative information can be found with minimal searching.

Try using the testing tool to see how your site looks on mobile devices.

Also, try the Websites Grader Tool to see your website performance. (Tip: Your score should be a minimum of 90)

The Downside of Poor Performance

If a website suffers from poor performance, Google and other Search Engines will penalise you. The result is a poor page ranking in the results page. All the keyword research and other SEO Strategies will count for very little.

Your Website Could Rock!

Turning your existing website in to one that totally rocks need not be a big job. With a clear plan and perfect execution, noosa web design by Noosa Web & Graphic can make all the difference. A fast, beautiful website equals happy visitors and new customers!

Why not contact us today for a free, absolutely no obligation site performance audit. Email Us or phone us on 0432 913 654 Today…let’s get you noticed.